Monday, 24 September 2012

Fancy Flirting With Me? Are you a dirty flirt?

I think I am addicted to flirting....I just can't help myself. I love to flirt, simple as that. I like making girls laugh and giggle, which is a bad thing if they react, as I just want to flirt some more. They shouldn't encourage me, but I can't blame the girls, I am the one initiating things.

I think it comes from confidence, or is it security of an existing relationship, that you know you won't take things any further than a bit of a laugh? But isn't that how all flings start off? I know from personal experience that innocent flirting can lead to a lot, lot more.

So that's why I like the environment of online chat rooms to flirt - I can choose to flirt with women who I am never likely to meet as they are in a different part of the country, even the world. And flirting, like humour is universal. Flirting is magical and works the world over - I love it! Fancy flirting with me? Are you a dirty flirt? Come on in and give flirting a try, you never know!

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