Monday, 4 February 2013

Addicted to flirting - best flirting sites

I got into online dating a few years ago, and was a bit nervous at first, having been out of the dating scene for a while, in a steady relationship. When that ended, I found it hard to get back into asking girls out in clubs, when you couldn't tell whether they were in a relationship, just out with their mates or actually available.

Frustrating, it was. So I started joining a few dating sites, but again found it a bit daunting. I started to reflect on how I had formed relationships in the past, through flirting. I looked for a good flirting site and one the best flirting sites out there, in my opinion, is Dirty Flirt. What I love about this site is how very transparent the whole process is. You join for free, for one thing, so you can start to load your profile and set your search criteria. I then started to get regular emails with ny latest matches, with a link to wink at anyone I fancied, which was so easy to use.

The member's page, which I have screen captured below, gives you an idea of the features of the site:

I started to get winks myself, and ccould quickly check out the profile details of who had winked at me. If I liked her, then I would take it from there. I started flirting, sending saucy messages, not too suggestive at first, just one or two jokes to break the ice and test the water. It's amazing how conversations can quickly gain momentum, and the temperature starts to raise very quickly. I went on a flirting tips site called Flirt impressions and got some useful flirting tips there; there's some useful stiuff on first date tips, as well as online dating safety. A lot of that stuff is common sense, but it's not a bad idea just to run through initially.

Some of the experiences I have had in the video cam to cam rooms, with girls from all over the world, have been so horny, it's untrue. I have also met up with some really great local girls, for casual hook ups, and had a great time. So take the plunge, and start flirting today, it is good for you! Remember, date responsibly.

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